The project Buenos Aires Se Transforma consists of the creation of a physical scale model of the whole territory of the City of Buenos Aires, in 6x6 meters. It displays all the buildings, streets and green spaces of the city. Some landmark buildings were produced with 3D printing technology. An Augmented Reality application was also created using ArCore and ArKit from Google and Apple, respectively, which allows users to appreciate in 3D more than 60 infrastructure worksites of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. In addition to exploring the landmarks, the user has the possibility to get more information within each site, with more than 400 content elements available such as photos, renders and videos. The project, designed and developed integrally by LA CONTENT FACTORY, involved the effort of an interdisciplinary team of more than 30 people amongst designers, creatives, 3D modellers, graphic artists, architects and producers, in over 4 months.



La Content Factory
Alvarez Thomas 1988
1427 CABA