Art and Algorithm!

We provide cutting-edge Technology, Design and Content from Latin America to the world. VR, AR, IA, Digital Art, Branding, Marketing, Live Experiences and Filmmaking at the service of your Brand: sharp and optimised like never before.  

Latest Works



AR Interactive city model - Buenos Aires Turismo

AR Interactive city model - Buenos Aires Turismo

VR Purchase data research

VR Purchase data research

Interactive videos - Buenos Aires Ciudad

Interactive videos - Buenos Aires Ciudad

VR Road safety immersive simulator and 360° trivia

VR Road safety immersive simulator and 360° trivia

VR 360° agriculture trivia

VR 360° agriculture trivia



Videoclip Melingo

Videoclip ¨Melingo¨

American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina

Amcham Interactive Mapping /APP

Transforma BA | 3D Responsive Website

Web 3D Buenos Aires City

AR Scale City Model

Augmented Reality City Model

Augmented Reality Game BBVA

Augmented Reality Game BBVA

VR Flight Simulator

VR Flight Simulator

Interactive Mapping Air France

Mapping Air France


Our love for evermore

More than 15 years of experience in the market. Audio-visual pieces so rich and powerful they will carve a lovely dent in every heart and mind they encounter.

La Content Factory | Filmmaking
BBVA VR gamification at event


When the ink starts to itch, then the experience will turn to digital

We provide sophisticated experiences that will linger in your community’s minds like a good perfume. We combine cutting-edge technologies like Mapping, VR, AR and Mixed Reality, with mindblowing art to provide unique sensations of awe and joy. In today’s world, the digital and the real are no longer separated. We live in immersive mixed realities and we rise to the challenge by bringing an extra punch of excitement, awe and sophistication to your Brand’s event, installation or campaign. 
Some of the technologies we bring to the table:

  • Events and BTL Campaigns
  • Mapping and Installations
  • VR and AR
  • Interactive Platforms
Interactive videowall | Garnier | LCF

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Not just any mapping--we'll make it interactive just for you. 

Software | interactive | apps


Make your events unforgettable with our AR services! We use state of the art technologies like AR Core and AR Kit, and creativity to last for a lifetime.

Augmented Reality AR


Dive into new and exciting worlds with virtual tours, simulators, 360° videos and more! There are no limits, really. Or virtually.

VR Virtual Reality


We gamifiy everything. 

Apps | websites | UX | digital


Increase your Brand's connection to your audiences by making every touchpoint a two-way street. Others call it marketing, we call it love.



Digital beauty beyond compare

Let your Brand be catered by the best talent in the market. The team is 
committed to excellence, delivering results and has a flair for creative solutions. 
We provide an all-round service for your digital properties:
Web Design and Development, Performance Marketing, Inbound Marketing, 
Social Media Management, Media Planning & Buying, SEO & SEM, Analytics.

Interactive Mapping


The digital realm is a lot to take in and to integrate. We design, implement and manage all digital property to get your Brand a-shinin'.


Blow users' minds with amazing content and art. We are experts in the art of seduction and retention--believe us, when we're done they will want to get married. 


From conceptualisation to development and testing, we create sales funnels that are user-centered, intuitive and sexy.


The best content in town, community managers 24/7 and ad campaigns to optimise your budget. What more could you ask for?


We provide initial audits, A/B testing, customer insights, social media monitoring and quantitative analytics, Big Data analysis and more.


Ads, market segmentation and target group ethnographics are the key to getting the right attention.


Design that is responsive, user-centered, and built with the greatest technology and talent there is. Stay connected with your audiences with creative, sexy apps that will engage them with your Brand!


Your Brand will make meaningful, emotional connections through carefully selected Influencers across the social media spectrum, giving you the extra reach you needed.


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The Team

We are experts in our field. Each of us has travelled one’s unique path, gained experience in many spheres of activity in order to become a person he/she is today. We manage individual projects, search for ideas and implement them, actively comprehend the new. We really enjoy our work; consequently, we are scrupulous about its quality. Our team is always ready to apply our knowledge, ideas and experience to your projects development! 

La Content Factory is amongst the Founding Partners of AITIA, the Immersive Technologies Industry Association of Argentina (in Spanish), which unites the totality of the productive capacity as well as current existing human talent in the region. This remarkable platform constitutes an outstanding advantage, thus, when managing projects of challenging scale, complexity and scope, providing the necessary resources for the ensamble  of multidisciplinary teams of specialists in a matter of hours and delivering optimum results. 

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